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Available registration in 21 virtual workshops Launching the website for the International Conference on Education and Training Evaluation

Available registration in 21 virtual workshops Launching the website for the International Conference on Education and Training Evaluation

The Education and Training Evaluation Commission launched the website for the International Conference on Education and Training Evaluation, www.etec2020.gov.sa , organized by the ETEC Commission in partnership with the G20 Saudi Secretariat. This conference will be held virtually, during the period of October 14 - 15, with the theme, “Improving Learning Outcomes and Supporting Economic Growth." The conference will be preceded by twenty-one workshops specialized in professional development over a period of four days, with the participation of more than fifty experts, specialists and academics at the international, regional and local levels.
The conference aims to provide solutions and approaches that respond to the Saudi presidency year of the G20, through a series of events that seek to develop approaches and assessment tools in education and training institutions around the world in order to enhance their performance and the skills of their employees. In addition, the conference aims to highlight the Kingdom's efforts in the fields of education and training evaluation, as well as present successful international practices in evaluation and its impact in elevating the quality of learning outcomes that align with labor market needs and support the economic growth. The conference targets education and training policy makers, researchers in the education and training sectors, and professionals in the fields of education, training, evaluation, assessment and accreditation.
The chairman of the scientific committee of the conference, Dr. Niaf Rashid Al-Jabri, explained that the first day of workshops - divided into five workshops - aims to shed light on several themes; a Practical Review of Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs) and Course Learning Outcomes (CLOs) against a Review Matrix, A Practical Review of a Programmatic Quality Management System against the NCAAA Evaluation Rubric System, Assessment of Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs), School Self- Evaluation, and Collect & use evaluation data effectively for improvement.

On the second day, six workshops will discuss several concepts in data and standards. A workshop will be held on (R) for practitioners and researchers: data wrangling; analyses and visualization for research purposes; another workshop on Multilevel Analysis; and another workshop on the Standards implementation and evaluation (learning, teaching). In addition, a fourth workshop will discuss psychometric modeling; a fifth workshop will present on the topic Data Quality Assessment; and the sixth will discuss how to develop academic program learning outcomes (PLOs) according to National Qualifications Framework for KSA (NQF-KSA)

On the third day, the workshops will discuss the topics of psychometric and statistical treatment of data problems: the steps to understand, prepare, initialize, and analyze data. Another workshop will discuss Private Schools Evaluation (Domains and Standards), and a third workshop will be an Introduction to Data Science for Education Evaluation. Finally, there will be a workshop on the Vocational Qualification Development, as well as another on the National Qualifications Framework for KSA (NQF-KSA): Structure, Qualification levels and Descriptors.
The workshops will be concluded on October 13th with five workshops discussing the skills of using The D-Scoring Method in Large-Scale Assessments; a workshop on what we can learn from data to improve education policy and practice; a workshop on the skills of Latent Profile Analysis; a workshop on the Evaluating School Progression; and a workshop on evaluating curriculum materials.

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